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Newscover (PTY) LTD is an independently owned digital media outlet based in South Africa. We aim to publish original content that engages our audience on breaking news, business, technological disruptions and entertainment. We aspire to provide unbiased and politically neutral perspectives that will create a dialogue so we can ask hard questions to uncover truths and promote facts.

News-Cover [Newscover (PTY) LTD ] or newscover.co.za is dedicated to informing our audience, in South Africa and beyond, of pressing issues not covered by traditional streams of mass media. We will ask pertinent questions about our society, leaving no stone unturned in order to provide reputable answers. We will ensure that our work inspires a generation of accountability for seeking individuals.

Today’s digital landscape can leave people disorientated, overwhelmed with information and unable to discern what news is worthy. As a wise woman once said, “Truth and News is not always the same thing”, and it is for this very reason we exist to provide newsworthy content.

We don’t claim to have all the facts, but we promise to be diligent and responsible enough to inform and empower our audience to create a platform representative of the people that support it and contribute to its success. Information is power and having the right information means having the right power to create a lasting impact on society and the world at large.

We are still a young media outlet with plans of growing into our preferred status as a trusted and shared source of news for present and future generations. We have already laid the seeds for our success believing this to be the best time for our roots to spread so that when we sprout our core values will be entrenched into a sturdy and unshakable foundation in our pursuit for the truth and information providing trusted knowledge.

Our news section is dedicated to providing only the most important breaking news for our audience. With undeniable depth and detail around breaking events, the business section will focus on finance, marketing, investment and new opportunities for budding entrepreneurs and business people. The technology section aims to cover world disruptive trends giving a clear and concise vision of the future.

Our entertainment section covers local and international entertainment news, a trusted source on all relevant aspiring and already established entertainers and musicians. Finally, our editorial section covers news we believe will create dialogue including; politics, the environment, education, human rights, arts and culture, fashion, society, equality, wealth and the youth. Editor-in-chief: Mokgethi Mtezuka
Mokgethi Mtezuka

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