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Google Chrome alternative the Brave Browser aims to change the future of web browsing

Illustration by Mokgethi Mtezuka

Web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera have new competition in the form of the Brave Browser. Brave is a new web browser aiming to be faster, more private than its competitors.

The Brave Browser will also compensate users and publishers with a crypto-token known as BAT. Brave claims that its web browser is 8X faster than its competition, saves users on data charges and promotes privacy.

What is the Brave Browser?

Developed by Brave Software Inc., it is a free and open-source web browser using Chromium software to provide its users with a somewhat familiar, but different experience.

The Brave Browser allows its users to use any search engine (Google, Yandex, and DuckDuckGo) and promises real privacy.

It is also censorship-resistant and prevents outside influencers while users are surfing the web. As of June 2020, the Brave Browser had over 8.6 million daily users and a market share of 0.05 % this year (2021).

Though Brave Browser is relatively small in comparison to its competitors, it makes up for it by caring about its users enough to protect them from malicious ads and pay its publishers. These differentiators will help Brave grow in market share and in popularity.

Screenshot Brave Web Browser

What is BAT (Basic Attention Token)?

The brave browser lets publishers and users earn a crypto token known as BAT or Basic Attention Tokens. BAT is integrated with the Brave Browser and works by compensating users for their attention.

Meaning just by surfing the web through the brave browser users can earn some BAT. Content creators are also compensated with BAT when they signing up for the publisher’s program.

The Brave browser will still run ads but will compensate users and publishers allowing for better advertisement returns. The brave browser also blocks invasive ads by default and doesn’t share personal information with advertisers. Brave’s ads are notifications and the user gets to determine how many ads they want to see per day.

This triangle method of user earnings, publisher compensation and advertiser returns, has the potential to solve the inefficiencies around user data collecting and privacy violations by web browsers and advertisers. If everyone gets to be part of the monetary gain then everyone will be happy with using the platform.

Screenshot of the Brave Browser’s reward system

Why is the Brave Browser Important?

Popular web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have tracking algorithms and cookies, which follow and store users search results, web history and clicks.

These algorithms impede users by slowing down their web activity, accelerating data charges and consume more power. User information is then sold to third party advertisers lowering privacy.

This business model not only impedes the privacy of users on web browsers but more so the publisher of content which attracts the users in the first place.

The Brave browser allows for all parties (users, publishers, advertisers and Brave), to take part in the monetization of the internet as the attention of users is valuable enough to be compensated. The publishers are remunerated, and advertisers pay brave for quality returns on their online ad campaigns.

Screenshot of BAT website

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