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Disrupt the disruptors: The decentralized web is achievable Mark Nadal and ERA INC lead the way to Web 3.0

Mark Nadal is a tech entrepreneur based in California who founded ERA INC, a research and development think tank aiming to bring the decentralized web to life. 

Their mission is to be the Uber of telecommunication and reinvent how people view data, the internet and monetization. ERA’s goal of a decentralized web looks at the current infrastructure, applications and security with an open-source mindset and how it can help billions of people.

ERA currently has two methods of how it will achieve this ambitious goal one being GUN and the other being AXE. According to Mark Nadal, GUN utilises a Raspberry Pis hardware, It’s a small computer with a radio attachment. 

When connected to other such computers will create a server network owned and run by individuals who have the hardware rather than major Web Services companies. It will move cloud computing to a peer to peer platform providing real privacy and a new internet database.

The other product ERA offers is AXE, a free to use web protocol that removes the need for trust or a better description of it is, a trustless decentralized bandwidth that is also incentivized. 

Both AXE and GUN will facilitate the decentralized web, meaning the peer-to-peer servers (GUN) will host the internet itself. That’s the websites, the emails and applications like social media and other data services, AXE will then be the string that will connect and sync these applications forming the decentralized web (DWeb).

AXE will connect the many servers of the DWeb to the different websites and allow users to access them for free. The difference between ERA’s method and the current method of data storage is privacy and trust is built into the structure of the system (end-to-end encryption). 

This implies that internet users won’t have to rely on major tech companies to guarantee the safety of their private data or fear their information will be sold to third-party advertisers. GUN and AXE will provide a stable foundation from which other decentralized online platforms and services can arise and operate.

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“Using centralized platforms, like Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc. is like living at home. You always have somebody watching over you, whether you like it or not” – Mark Nadal. 

ERA INC and other tech companies like it, are creating what is known as Alt-Tech, which will shape the future of the internet and move the world toward Web 3.0 the next stage of the World Wide Web. This is where the original disruptors of the digital age (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Airbnb) are disrupted.

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