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The Think Tech Team debuts Mbira Chat

Johannesburg, 22 January 2021: The Think Tech Team, the technology group that produced the ridesharing app, Afri Ride has announced the launch of its multi-purpose chat service Mbira Chat will soon be available on the Google Play Store, and the Apple’s App Store.

The Think Tech Team is an emerging African technology company that offers tech solutions to a slew of industries and markets across the continent.

Mbira Chat, named after the Mbira family of musical instruments, traditional to the Shona people of Zimbabwe, and also known as the ‘baby piano’ is a communication tool that can be used as a social media platform to communicate with friends and family through text, video and voice calls.

Joe Moyo, Group CEO of The Think Tech Team, says Mbira Chat is just one more service the organization is pleased to offer. “Although we started as Afri Ride, we have developed into a tech company, and are busy with a range of businesses, by Africans, in Africa, for Africans.”

“Mbira has been a part of Afri Ride and has facilitated communication on the ride sharing service for the longest time. Our intention was to grow it out and make it an independent app, and that day has finally arrived.”

In terms of Mbira Chat’s features, Moyo says security and privacy come first. “We have included all the features of any premier chat app and employs end-to-end encryption. However, unlike other apps on the market, we do not collect anybody’s information, except for what is needed for account management. There are no cookies, and no ‘booby traps’ on our platform.”

Making sure our app is up to international standards is of paramount importance, and ultimately, Mbira is a lifestyle for people to showcase their unique experience, he adds. The app features a section titled Lifestyle to encourage users share their creativity with others by way of posting multiple visuals with all their contacts or just their selected circle of people.

Soon, Moyo says users will have the ability to make payments on the app. Within the first half of this year, not only will users of the app be able to send money to each other, in-app prepaid purchases will be enabled as well.”

Speaking of how The Think Tech Team is set up, Moyo says the company currently has four distinct divisions. “Firstly, we have our Mobile and Social Network Division, which handles communications, and operates as a chat platform with additional value adds such as the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).”

Next, the Transport Division, which is essentially Afri Ride, is a ride-sharing division which is made up of services for both car-sharing and on-demand ride-hailing. “Our third division, the e-Commerce Division caters for food and grocery delivery services, as well as bulk purchase services and instalment purchases,” he explains. “In this division, we have Flamingo Eats, Afri Mass and Lay Buy Me on board.”

Finally, Moyo says The Fintech Division, which is made up of Augmented Wallet and International Money Remittance, is all about the financial inclusion in the local market as well as business to business payment solutions. 

He says no business is complete without the requisite skills and expertise, and with this in mind, key players within The Think Tech Team include Joe Moyo, Modikoe Mauoane:    Group Deputy CEO, Mireille Umuhoza: Group COO,  Lehlohonolo Moepi: Fintech Director Glender Chikane: e-Commerce Director, Trevor Mailos: Ridesharing Director, and finally Christian Mhlanga: MVNO Director.

About Afri Ride

Afri Ride is a fresh and innovative pan-African tech company, that offers a new way of ridesharing, using an innovative mobile application that caters to commuters across the continent. We pride ourselves in promoting entrepreneurship and providing solutions that address the age-old issue of mobility in Africa. Our platform connects travellers in Africa through four primary features: Offer A Seat, Find A Seat, Offer A Car and Borrow A Car.
For more information about Afri Ride please visit:

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